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Expense Manager

Expense Manager

06 June, 2017, By APstores

@ Category Manager
- category is a simple group name which you can recognize for particular spending transaction group.
example: If you buy a train ticket you can define category like "Transport" or "Travel"
Main Category: Transport
Sub Category: (empty)
If you want to track the fuel expense for your car or bike then you can define different category,
Main Category: Transport
Sub Category: Fuel
Main Category: Fuel
Sub Category: (empty)

@ Expense Manager (Free Version)
*** At any point of time you know your spending and how its spent and how much you left. ***
*** So far it has received best reviews and ratings from India, US, Brazil and Asia. ***
- An application tool to monitor your daily expenses based on category and cash/card type (Cash or Credit or Debit card).
- Reports helps you to visualize your money spending and balance for current month.
- Budget manager keep on updates your financial position for current month. You can set budget for current month and all categories which you defined in Category Manager.
- Income manager keeps your income feeds.
- Lock your screen with passcode.
- SD Card support
- Data backup support

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