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Online Booking App Scripts for Android

Online Booking App Scripts for Android

07 June, 2017, By Logicspice

A Booking app that is a program, which works to book for an appointment, ticket or seat etc. as per the need of your business, to help your customer book through the mobile app or a web application. Approximately seventy million users researched for booking website. Travel/ Ticket booking are the single largest component of e-commerce.

- Users can search for hotels/ bus/ movie tickets over application.
- Users can view resultant listing.
- They can view details of selected services over application.
- For the booking they have o register over application.
- Agent registration and login and account module.
- Different subscription process for agent along with payment gateway for subscription.
- Hotels, bus, movie tickets will posted by agents by specifying price, place, images etc..
- Agents can view listing of services and manage them.
- Customer can Register and login over application
- Customer can create their profile by specifying their profile picture, address, personal details etc..
- They can view the prices of services over application.
- They can view the address over google map of selected place.
- Google map API integrated.
- They can book their ticket/ hotel.
- They can pay amount online.
- Integrated payment gateway.
- Receive booking confirmation mail.

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