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Crisis Management System

Crisis Management System

07 June, 2017, By Dream apps & developers

No corporation looks forward to facing a situation that causes a significant disruption to their business, especially one that stimulates extensive media coverage. Public scrutiny can result in a negative financial, political, legal and government impact. Crisis management planning deals with providing the best response to a crisis. Full feature web access allows you plan, manage and response to crises from anywhere through internet.

- Hello, We're Crisis Management - The application of strategies designed to help an organization deal with sudden and significant negative events.
- Platform of Reflectiveness - Enable using past experience to inform future decisions, and will modify standards and behaviours accordingly.
- Integrated IT Infrastructure for Resilience - Deal with multidisciplinary issues like climate change, disaster risk reduction or emergency response through coordination.
Solution at your fingertips - Knowing how to manage issues before they escalate into critical problems.
Improving Your Readiness - Identifying potential crises before they occur should be part of the day to day operations.
Essential Features
- Understand the possible Crisis (Risks).
- Assign person-in-charge to deal with Crisis incase it occurs.
- Built-in Crisis Scenarios ahead for quick response actions.
- Timely informed by Crisis Notification System [Email / SMS / Apple Push Notification / Google Cloud Message].
- Mobility/Cloud platform. Highly adaptive with various kind of sensors.

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