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Mail2ExactOnline: store your documents in Exact Online by mail

on 28/8/15
Mail2ExactOnline: store your documents in Exact Online by mail

To be able to work as efficient as possible Exact Online already offers a lot of features like scan & recognise, bank connections and template management. By introducing Mail2ExactOnline another milestone has been achieved: store (batches of) invoices, mails and documents in Exact Online by e-mail.

Why? Many multi-functional printers have nowadays the option to mail scanned documents. As well more and more invoices are received electronic (PDF) and mail. Currently Exact Online users need to download documents before uploading in Exact Online.

By the introduction of Mail2ExactOnline, the ease to add (batches of) invoices, mails and documents in Exact Online will increase significant. This innovation enables accountants and their clients to automate the entry process furthermore and to store mails and documents in the dossier in an ease way.

What? By introducing Mail2ExactOnline accountants and entrepreneurs can send all kind of documents, invoices and receipts by mail or via the multi-functional printers direct to the digital postbox of Exact Online.

When the scan & recognise service has been activated purchase and sales invoices are automatically transferred to the service. CRM-related documents, like proposals, mails, contracts etc., are direct allocated to the supplier or customer card in Exact Online.

When? Mail2ExactOnline is available via Controlled Release. As an Exact Online client it is easy to participate. Please setup a request to participate via My Exact Communication in Exact Online and this innovation will be activated in your license.

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