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New! Exact Online for Project & Contract Management

on 28/8/15

Today we launched a new product: Exact Online for Project & Contract Management. With this new edition of Exact Online for Professional Services we once again make a great step forward to help professional service providers to grow their business using subscription-billing models.

Join the everything-as-a-service economy
clickhereSubscription-based business models are becoming increasingly popular among service providers In fact, a recent survey by Exact and KPN found that 44% of professional services firms are looking at subscription billing or experimenting with it. 13% already take a subscription-based approach model. Subscriptions do not only offer predictable and recurring revenue streams, but more importantly offer new ways to build long-term customer relations and to improve customer loyalty over time. Service vendors can flexibly tailor their service model and offer their customers a mix of one-time projects and recurring services related to ongoing maintenance services, hosting, cloud-services or domain-names.

And Exact Online is here to help.
Service providers looking to join the everything-as-a-service economy can’t do without Exact Online for Project & Contract Management. It integrates project, timesheet, subscription & contract management with your accounting & CRM in a single product. Helping you to maximize projects and grow your business by seizing new opportunities in the ‘subscription economy’.


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