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How Much An App Cost?

So you are planning to make an app and want to know how much it will take to develop and app? The price varies with many factors, the price of the mobile could range anywhere from $500o to $50,000 and the entire development process takes approx 12-20 weeks.The longer the development process, the higher it will cost.

Building an app is a hefty investment in both time and money. Here are some factors on which basis your app cost will vary.

1. What is your priority?

You can’t get everything, you need to choose two out of these three - Quality, Cost & Speed.Be clear and true to yourself. If someone asks you that they will fulfill all of the above three requirement, then put the red flag on them.

2. In House or Offshore Development

Offshore development is cheaper than In house development, but in-house will provide a great app.If you ask any company about their development process, they will never hesitate to tell a lie about that.

3. Fixed cost or time & material cost

If you are going for fixed cost, then you have to pay extra, if you are going to change something or adding new things.On the other hand, if your project is time based then you have to pay as per hour.

4. Waterfall vs Agile Development Processes

Waterfall development process gives you a proper documentation before they start building an app and closely follow that process.in Agile development, there is rarely a documentation process and they take 1-2 weeks to figure out the code.

5. The Process of Creation (Estimate)

Things you should know - Who will build your website? Developer has an understanding of your project. Have they worked on the similar apps before?

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