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Socially - Modern Social Network

Socially - Modern Social Network

06 June, 2017, By Wreck apps

Socially is a modern social network that features the latest technologies like 3D Touch to Peek & Pop photos, #hashtags, notification center, a discovery tab that let’s you see the most popular photos or the most recent ones and lots more.

Albums – a very neat feature that a lot of people has been requesting is the ability to create albums and any kind of photos there, it works like Pinterest – you see something you like – you save it in an album.
3D Touch – The most amazing technology from Apple today is 3D Touch / Force Touch, it adds a lot of depth in the way people use the app, quite literally I would say. We implemented this feature on small photos so you can Peek & Pop the photos.
Users & Companies – There are two ways you can create an account – a simple account and a company type profile.
Map – The map tab shows all the photos that were taken near you. Or you can zoom out to see the whole globe.

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